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17th August 2012


OK let’s get a list/schedule going. (to be updated periodically, if I do this right.)


  • express need to go into town/shopping a lot(?) tomorrow to someone who can give me a ride maybe.
  • help with this party shit.
  • write if I can. (hopefully at least 500 words, I’m ahead enough that I don’t need the whole 1600 but I should at least try to reduce buffer-eating.)
  • that’s probably most of what I can do, wow, good job.
  • maybe stock up on some names in case you need them when writing when the internet’s off.
  • and/or shop around a little for essential online cosplay bits in case of failure tomorrow.


  • go into town and shop and just generally binge on costuming shit.
  • thankfully, finances are comfortable, and while I will want to reduce dipping because cons can be money I shouldn’t feel an absolute need to save at every corner.
  • probably won’t be able to get everything done but should be able to be down to details over the next week.
  • try to get 500 words.
  • cook a bunch of quinoa for the week. two cups dry? yeah sure two cups dry.
  • get mom finding rolling backpack for Monday.


  • binge on writing.
  • just.
  • write. all day.
  • will need some breaks, which will be filled with food (quinoa cooked yesterday for efficiency) and preparing for classes Monday and depending on crucial things not found in stores possibly also some online shopping.


  • school. 8:30 to 5:30. hot fucking damn. one hour-and-a-half break, write during it because you will be doing homework Tuesday.
  • wordcount goal of like 400-800 words, split between hour at school and evening.


  • some studying/school paperwork. shouldn’t be too much to keep from writing.
  • try to be hardcore on writing here. aim for 2000 words.
  • eat quinoa if convenient, but increases risk of needing other food plans for Wednesday.


  • school. 8:30 to 5:30. one break. only bring laptop if all schoolwork is done, in which case write in this time.
  • wordcount goal between 200 and 400, but will break if possible.


  • write in the morning.
  • shop in the afternoon if possible.
  • appointment is a good divider of these tasks.
  • spend the whole evening on the internet as reward IF OTHER GOALS MET.


  • homework in the morning.
  • shopping in the afternoon if necessary. tweaking/alterations if all supplies are gathered.
  • spend the whole evening writing if possible.


  • slightly better for shopping than writing but hopefully will be done by then wow.
  • should be working on alterations by now.
  • binge on writing in free time.


  • writing.
  • bracing for school. (cooking/homework/organizational touch-ups.)


  • school again, 8:30 to 5:30 again, do all homework possible during the break.
  • write after school, if necessary. (I’m not keeping track of writing scheduling. it’s pretty damn unlikely I’ll be done by then, but it’s not COMPLETELY impossible.)


  • bracing for school. (be sure to have coping mechanisms for a long day with no major breaks.)
  • writing. try to be done with NaNo this day!
  • packing!


  • school again, 8:30 to 5:30 again, no break this time!
  • finish packing.
  • do whatever homework possible.
  • keep in mind that while neither writing nor homework are particularly con-compatible, writing is more con-compatible.


  • more homework, maybe.
  • if not, probably writing.
  • all depends, really.
  • (writing can happen in car.)


  • Dragon*Con, please leave a message at the tone.


  • finish all homework due Wednesday.


  • school.
  • just school.
  • I guess there’s a character to be developed. but that’s basically it.
  • IDK maybe friends if that somehow becomes a thing.
  • it seems unlikely but you know.
  • school.

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